Health tourİsm

Health Tourism, gaining an increased popularity with recents years, aims to reach patients to advantageous health products worldwide. Most popular health tourism products are; Dental Health Services, Eye Surgery, Hair Transplant, Detox and Wellness products, Obesity Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

Besides these popular health products patients can also reach customized health services related to their specific health conditions through Health Tourism. Health Tourism also includes travel and accommodation arrangements, guidance and translator services, besides health services.

Turkey, with its modern health infrastructure, well educated and experienced health personnel is a rising star in Health Tourism Sector. Turkey, also with its experience in service and tourism sector, is quickly becoming a popular destination for Health Tourism.

About MedTrc

Medtrc is an initiative of IATI Turizm Ticaret A.Ş. which is biggest online tour operator in Turkey, Middle East, CIS and surrounding countries.

Operating in70 countries with more than 34.0000 agents, IATI is a Fortune 500 listed company in Turkey, ranking 174th.

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